TThe essential massager for lifetime pleasure. The essential massager for lifetime pleasure. The essential massager for lifetime pleasure. 



Tides, a sexual wellness brand celebrating the power of pleasure and sexual health in midlife. Supported by the Design Age Institute and showcased at the Design Museum. 

Listening to the stories of 100s of women and their experiences in menopause, we developed Tides essential massager, a unique vibrator for a new kind of pleasure.

Tides massager is designed to stimulate all erogenous areas, increasing pleasure and overall body awareness. It’s not about performative sex, it’s all about sensuality and intimate care. Taking time to explore sexual pleasure using breath, vibration, touch and awareness can shift patterns of conscious behaviour and intimacy with the self or a partner. Tides facilitate pleasure, supporting confidence for women as their bodies change.

Its soft pulsating motion can be used in areas surrounding erogenous zones to help stimulate blood circulation, making it effective from pleasure to wellbeing. Tides rocks your boat while creating conditions for long term pleasure.

As part of a daily self-care routine, vibrations are also a great way to take care of the skin and reconnect with our own bodies. Tides can be used to awaken tissue and help body waters circulate, which has huge benefits in restoring balance and health.

‘As confidence grows, so does sexual expression.’ Tides celebrates a new kind of intimacy as we age beyond penetrative sex, and support all women to reconnect with their sensual self.

Creative director : Salome Bazin
Co-founder : Giulia Tomasello 
Community partner: Eleanor Mills
Scientific consultant: Dr Jian Chen 
Engineering : Jonathan Casey
Electronics/PCB: Sean Malikides 
Photographer: Eeva Rinne 
Videographer: Michael Fostik 
Dancers: Company of Elders Sadler’s Wells
Models: Susanne, Gaia
Special thanks to Carla Donati, Yildiz Bliss.  

Supported by Design Age Institute