An immersive sonic performance onto the sounds of the earth. An immersive sonic performance onto the sounds of the earth. An immersive sonic performance onto the sounds of the earth. 



The cultivation of environmental and collective empathy is essential to sustainability. Music is one of the most powerful tools to communicate and create empathy. Synchronies , which premiered at MIRA Festival, is an invitation to dive into the sonic connection between our bodies and the earth, to help us better understand the planet we live in and inhabit everyday.

Synchronies aim to engage audiences on the urgency of preserving the sonic health of our planet in a 360 sound symbiotic journey on the impact of sound pollution on humans and other mammals. 

The concept of the artwork is to record the heartbeats of our audience as part of a sonic journey whilst exposed to natural environmental sounds and man made noise pollution. The sonic journey goes from biophony (before humans), to anthropophony towards a symbiocene future.

Synchronies use 360 sound, biophonic, geophonic and anthropogenic field recordings, heart rate real time capture and interactive lighting for an intimate poetic technologic experience. Audience can experience the impact of environmental sound pollution into their own body in a unique symbiotic musical performance.

The data analysis of the performance have showcased an increased level of synchronicity between audience members during the biophony part of the piece (natural sounds and undersea) and a decreased heart rate at the end of the show.

Creative direction: Salome Bazin
Sound narrative/Curation : Sound Earth Legacy
Neuroaesthetic research: Kinda Studios
Creative technologist: Simon Haenggi
Composer: Arthur Astier
Mix/ Sonification: Antoine Bertin
Photography: Leafhopper
Sponsored by British Council.