A multi sensory installation into the heart and its flow. A multi sensory installation into the heart and its flow. A multi sensory installation into the heart and its flow. 



Kalostatis is an interactive installation enacting the unseen flow of the heart. The installation is simulating in 360° the beauty and complexity of the constant flow and motion that keeps us alive, its various extremes and our body’s ability to attain a state of balance, an equilibrium key to our health. This concept of equilibrium within the heart flow can be found throughout nature, raising questions about the dynamic rhythms and flows that rules our world.

Kalostasis premiered at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London as part of the London Design Festival 2019, and part of the Venice Biennale ECC architecture exhibition in 2021. 

With real-time rendered graphics, projection mapping and sensor tracking, the installation takes the form of a monumental structure. By stepping into the artwork, the visitor creates an imbalance, disrupting the flow and its direction: they can hear in the soundscape the rhythm accelerating. When they step out and witness from outside, the flow simulation gradually returns to its neutral state – a tribute to the stamina of the human heart and its power to restore equilibrium. 

In partnership with ECHO charity, and the British Heart Foundation, this collaboration represents an innovative opportunity to work alongside scientific institutions to challenge how we communicate, design and represent phenomena that impacts our lives.

Co-Creative Directors : Salomé Bazin & Lucy Hardcastle
Co-Producers : Salomé Bazin & Lucy Hardcastle
Scientific curator: Dr. Pablo Lamata
Scientific consultant: João Filipe Fernandes
Programmer : Will Young
Sound Designer : Thomas Rawle
Animation: Thomas Rawle
Creative Consultant: Laura Vent
Photographer : Gareth Williams
ECHO Charity photographs: Joel Virgov