A poetic-technologic experience into dance. A poetic-technologic experience into dance. A poetic-technologic experience into dance. 



How do we truly connect to others in the age of machines and digital connection? How can we use interactive media to deepen the connection to our body and to enhance intimacy between a performer and an audience?

Repurposing technological tools of bio-data control and measurement, Digital Umbilical wants to reclaim the poetic, rhythmic and creative aspect of bio-rhythms and body cycles, enabling audiences to reconnect to their bodies.

Digital Umbilical premiered at Lilian Baylis Studio Sadlers Wells in 2019, with performance in Liege and Maison de la Danse, Lyon.

A responsive interactive system with sensors feedback in real time bio-data from both audience members and performers, controlling the soundscape and lighting environment.

At a time where we are seeing rising political division and artificial boundaries amongst humans, Digital Umbilical is an opportunity to get audiences and participants to reconnect to the universality of our body, and experiences we have all shared as human beings.

Concept and realisation by Body Intelligence Collective.

Designer: Salomé Bazin
Producer: Lara Buffard
Creative technologist: Simon Haenggi
Programmer: Jon Rowe
Performer: Adam Seid Tahir
Choreographer: Renaud Wiser
Performer: Rosanne Briens
Composer: Arthur Astier
Photography: Maria Lax
Video: Laurent Liotardo