An interactive installation on the future of cardiology. An interactive installation on the future of cardiology. 



Each human heart has a unique anatomy that changes over time and can be influenced by our lifestyle and environment. What if you could foresee how your own heart would develop and grow?

Big Heart Data explores the role of 3D printing and parametric modelling in cardiology, and its potential in a personalised healthcare system. The result is an art installation showcasing a speculative system creating forecasts and timestamps of a person’s heart. 

Big Heart Data premiered at Science Gallery London, and showcased at New Scientist Live.

The project devises a system for creating personalized digital and 3D-printed models of hearts, which can be used to help medical doctors and facilitates communication within the medical team and patients.
This speculative scenario questions the role of digital twins in biomedical engineering and its potential of impacting and shaping our very own anatomies.

The artwork is also a poetic installation reminding us of what we are made of as humans, with variations that, like our face and personality, create our unique signature.

Creative Direction: Salome Bazin
Three JS Dev: Jack Wild
3D Assistance: Sam Roe 
Medical research: Cristobal Rodero
Scientific advisor: Pr. Pablo Lamata
Photography: Garth Mckee
Videography: Edward Prosser