Project: Kalosastis
Client: King’s College London
British Heart Foundation,
London Design Festival

Working together with research institute King’s College London and animator Lucy Hardcastle, Cellule lead the development of Kalostasis: an immersive and interactive installation inspired by the heart and its flow.

Launching at the London Design Festival 2019 in the Victoria & Albert Museum, the installation simulates the power of blood flow in the aorta, while enacting the body’s inherent ability to return to a state of balance.




Medical imagery


3D Simulation
Technology research
Parametric design
Motion graphics



“The permanent
motion of blood
keeps us alive”

The project was guided by the research of Dr. Pablo Lamata and his team at King’s College London, demonstrating the remarkable advancements in medical imaging technologies and computational tools that have allowed researchers and medical specialists to observe blood flow patterns and estimate inefficiencies with extreme precision. 

“The installation simulates accurate functionalities of the aorta”

As a unique collaboration between science and interactive media; the installation uses real-time rendered graphics, projection mapping and sensor tracking to translate the data into an immersive experience. Using principles from biomimicry, the installation simulates accurate functionalities of the aorta.

The audience’s presence will instigate a disruption within the room, causing an imbalance in the blood flow to match the extremes of a heart’s function. When viewers leave the structure, the simulation will return to its neutral state or equilibrium, referencing the power and stamina of the heart and mimicking actual aortic functioning.

This unique collaboration between Cellule Studio, Lucy Hardcastle and King’s College London represents an innovative opportunity to merge together science, design and digital art to challenge how we communicate, design and represent data that impacts our lives.