We are a design studio envisioning



An immersive journey into the heart and flow conditions.




Designing the physical and digital tools for immersive cardiology team training.



Disrupt Disability

Developing novel aesthetics for wheelchair fashion.



Batch Shields

Face shields for Covid-19 front line workers.



Big Heart Data

An interactive installation on the future of cardiology.



Random Revolution

A journey into the quantum world and computer science innovation.



Digital Umbilical

Exploring the amplification of empathy through bio-technology.


Our work is driven by a
human-centred methodology which weaves together three strands – body, research, technology.

Body represents our human-centred approach to design, and the inspiration we find in human physiology and nature. Technology is the application of science used to solve problems. In our work, it represents our focus on research and innovation. Research is the scientific discipline, research area or societal issue which we are responding to.

Research and

Understanding the potential
of scientific innovation
through design research.

Design and

Taking a holistic,
multidisciplinary approach
to design for visual impact


Maximising the impact
and communication,
reaching new audiences.

We are a design studio bringing a creative and collaborative approach to science, technology and healthcare innovation.

Our vision is to combine the power of design with scientific research and emerging technologies to explore new ways to create, innovate and communicate novel healthcare/scientific systems with a diverse audience.

Founder bio

Salomé Bazin is the founder of Cellule Design Studio. She received a BA in Product Design in Paris and an MA in Industrial Design from Central Saint Martins.

Bazin’s work covers a wide range of practice including product design, 3D, graphic design, experience design and scenography. She previously worked for award-winning designer Es Devlin and for a portfolio of clients including Samsung, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry and WhiteCube. She now specializes in science communication and research. Bazin is now a visiting lecturer at King’s College London in BSc Biomedical Engineering.

Cellule Studio was acknowledged by the Design Museum as one of the ’10 most exciting UK emerging design practice of 2019’.